NBS Television Elevates Media Experience with Hillcom’s Comprehensive IT Solutions

about NBS Television

Hillcom East Africa collaborated with Next Media Services, home to NBS Television, to enhance their broadcasting operations through a range of IT services. By providing software engineering for internal tools, network setup and management, installation and management of all IT infrastructure, and server room setup, Hillcom improved Next Media’s operational efficiency, ensured data security, and enhanced service delivery to their viewers and clients.

The Challenge

Next Media’s rapid growth from one brand, NBS Television, to more than 10, including Sanyuka Prime, Next Radio, Sanyuka TV, NBS Sport, Salam TV, Afro Mobile, and many others, necessitated an expansion in broadcast engineering infrastructure, IT infrastructure and software engineering capability to manage these brands, which is where Hillcom came in.

By providing Next Media with comprehensive solutions, Hillcom supported their expansion and ensures seamless operations across all brands, on a daily basis

Hillcom's Solution

Hillcom provides Next Media with a range of services, including broadcast engineering for their TV and radio stations, software engineering for internal tools, network setup and management for the entire Next Media park, and the installation and management of all IT infrastructure and server rooms.

By leveraging Hillcom’s expertise and infrastructure, Next Media improved their broadcasting operations, enhanced scalability, and ensured seamless operations across all their brands. Hillcom’s support also enables Next Media to focus on producing high-quality content while their IT infrastructure is effectively managed by a dedicated and skilled team.

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