Roke Telecom boosts Network Performance with Hillcom’s colocation solutions

about Roke Telecom

Hillcom East Africa partnered with Roke Telecom, a leading telecommunications company, to provide colocation services for their critical network infrastructure. The collaboration aimed to enhance Roke Telecom’s network performance, reliability, and scalability through secure and efficient colocation solutions. Hillcom’s state of the art telecommunications tower played a crucial role in meeting Roke Telecom’s requirements.

The Challenge

Roke Telecom faced challenges with their existing network infrastructure, including limited network strength.

They required a colocation partner that could provide secure and reliable hosting for their network equipment while ensuring optimal performance and scalability. Hillcom was tasked with addressing these challenges and providing a tailored colocation solution for Roke Telecom.

Hillcom's Solution

Hillcom provided Roke Telecom with comprehensive colocation services, including secure hosting of their network equipment on their state-of-the-art data tower. The colocation solution included redundant power supply, and 24/7 monitoring and support to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Hillcom’s team worked closely with Roke Telecom to design and implement a customized colocation solution that met their specific requirements and budget.

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